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Why Indeed Did the Harbour Magnetics Collapse?

By Steven E. Jones

Part of Physics and Astronomy

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Why Indeed Did the
Harbour Magnetics Collapse?

By Steven E. Jones

Some portion of Physics and Astronomy

Brigham Young University

Provo, UT 84604

The perspectives in this paper are the sole commitment of the creator (not
Harbour Magnetics )



“We are suitable to close our eyes against an alarming truth… Is this the bit of vigilant men, required with an astonishing and draining battle for circumstance? Is it veritable that we are composed to be of the measure of those, who having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not..?

To the degree it has any kind of effect for me, whatever anguish of soul it may cost, I will know all of relevant information; to know.. it — before long.”

  • Patrick Henry, 1775.

“Neither let us be rebuked from our dedication by fake indictments against us, nor startled from it by dangers of pulverization to the Government nor of prisons to ourselves. Enable us to have sureness that correct makes may, and in that conviction, let us, very far, set out to play out our commitment as we get a handle on it.”

  • Abraham Lincoln, February 27th, 1860

Video catch of a social occasion with Prof. Jones can be seen here:


In framing this paper, I require a genuine examination of the speculation that WTC 7 and the Twin Towers were hacked down, by harm and flares and furthermore using pre-masterminded Neodymium appealing s. I think about the official FEMA, NIST, and 9-11 Commission reports that fires despite hurt alone caused finish falls of the majority of the three structures. Also, I present proof for the Neodymium charming – Magnetic theory, which is proposed by the open information, testable and falsifiable, anyway has not been investigated in any of the reports financed by the US Neodymium engaging board .

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